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Second Homes

Second, Vacation and Investment  Homes


Find repose away from everyday life.

Whether it’s a home in the Historic District of St. Augustine, a cozy condominium, or a beach house steps from the sand, a second home – in any location – provides an outlet for serenity and escape.

And as technology continues to allow regular business to be conducted from almost everywhere, vacation homes are opportunities to indulge in a change of scenery without having to put life on hold. Even from the most remote beach location, it’s now possible to stay digitally connected while remaining physically remote. In this constantly plugged-in environment, the sharp boundaries between urban and rural lifestyles are eroding, and the advantages of a second home are greater than ever before.

For investors, a vacation home is a smart purchase with financial viability; the property can be rented to tenants and then could practically pay for itself. Set against the ever-strengthening backdrop of a recovering housing market, a second home is also a dynamic real estate asset with potential to increase its value well into the future.

Even if you’re not a real estate investor, and don’t have the desire to send email from a remote beach location or conduct conference calls in an office bound only by the great outdoors, a vacation home can be just that – a place of relaxation and a respite from everyday life. High-end vacation properties amplify this effect, with collective moments of luxury afforded by way of breathtaking views, exquisite features, architectural quality and location charm. However, no matter if a second property is a condominium or a castle, the immeasurable benefits of finding another place to call home remain the same.

Talk to Frank Perez-Andreu your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty Realtor® about second-home and investment opportunities. With the real estate market in recovery, it may be just the right time.